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In the scientific field, especially in the public sector, it is usual to see most of the staff wearing basic T-shirts and running shoes. Some of my friends used to tell me "Jeanne, please don't dress like the other scientists when you will be one!" Ahah. It's a joke of course, but it made me realize one thing, especially as a girl: You can rather be fashionable or intelligent, but for no reason, people think you can't be both. Isn't it one of the lyrics of Angele in her song Balance ton quoi? Besides, scientist are often seen as very serious people, while most of them clearly are not! I frequently hear: "Oh! You study sciences!! So boring!". Finally, because History of Science did a great job not relaying women's scientific works, the parity between girls and boys in science isn't there at all.

Well! I decided to use pin-ups and humour to show how glamourous and fun sciences can be. 

So now, what do you think about sciences? 

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