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Embodying Nature from all around the World​

Although I have no talent at all for photography, I take great pleasure to get immersed in various vibes through shots of all kinds of places. Whether photographies have been taken by amazing people I closely know or by perfect strangers, some of them truly create a connexion with my mind. Shapes and colors take form right before my eyes, often inspired by the amazing Alfons Mucha, master of the Art Nouveau style. Drawing on pictures forces me to radically change my regular art style - commonly based on numerous inked details - by switching to numeric drawing, playing with brushes.

The part I enjoy the most in this work is to challenge the thin limit between existence and emptiness, reducing opacity of the drawings to its minimum. Let's travel together across countries and seasons, let's get enchanted by the gargantuan fairies that inhabits the magical places of our planet.

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